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Importing accounting entries into bexio - manual entries

Updated: Apr 26

How to import bookings with to bexio:

Free registration

No account yet? Register on with your email address and set a password. You are now ready for the next step.

Connect your bexio account with

Connect your bexio account here and create a connection with an accounting department. You can connect as many bexio accounts as you like with .

Create table

Ready for the import? Now create a table under "Account" - "Booking imports". Give the table a name and select the bexio account into which you want to import the bookings.

Copy bookings into the table

Now copy your bookings into the table. If you haven't formatted them as in this example, you can also copy column by column. Then randomly check the bookings to make sure they were copied correctly.

Start importing 🚀

The import can be started using the "Start import" button. Each line will be imported into bexio as an individual booking. If you want to wait with the import, you can leave the table using the "save" button.


Used software: (bexio Addon) (Cloud-based accounting software)


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