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bexio 50% voucher code

50% discount voucher for the accounting software bexio in the first year. bexio is the best and leading web-based Swiss business software. As a partner of bexio, you get 50% discount on your new bexio account.


Simply enter the voucher code during registration

Import data from existing accounting software

As a new bexio customer, you would like to import your bookings from your existing accounting software into bexio via CSV or Excel? Or import invoices from Excel directly into bexio or create mass invoices such as member invoices for all your contacts at the touch of a button. Our app helps you with mass processing. Register now for a free test account.

Create invoices via Excel or CSV in bexio

Our app also allows you to create invoices directly from a table record in bexio. For example, export the invoice data and items from your ERP and create the accounts receivable invoices in bexio using the Excel interface of our app. Send the invoices directly from bexio and keep track of outstanding customer invoices.

Create mass invoices to contacts

Discover the efficient solution for creating mass invoices that is seamlessly integrated with bexio. With the mass invoice import, clubs and organizations can easily create recurring invoices for membership fees or subscriptions. This integration saves time, minimizes errors and allows you to focus on more important tasks. Optimize your invoice processing and increase your club's productivity with our app for bexio

Activate expert mode for bexio

CSV/Excel import for bookings in bexio

The app enables you to import bookings, post in a table, transfer history during the year, bank statement account assignment and monthly accruals in bexio. Efficient accounting made easy!

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