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Create mass invoices in bexio - recurring

Updated: Apr 26

This is how you create sales invoices for all your contacts or contact categories based on an invoice template. Particularly helpful for associations with member invoices, foundations with calls for donations and other recurring invoice models.

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To use the invoice copier you need an account on . Then nothing stands in the way of the next step.

Connect your bexio account with

Then link the bexio account in which the sales invoices are to be created.

gif how to link a bexio account with the
Link bexio account with

Create invoice template in bexio

In bexio, under "Sales" - "Invoices", create an invoice template with the status open that serves as the basis for the mass invoices. Remember the invoice number "RE-02086".

Tip #1: This invoice template is already the invoice issued for this contact and will not be created again during the invoice run. This way we avoid duplicates.

Tip #2: The title and service period are not taken from the invoice template during the invoice run. We recommend using the "Reference", "Header", "Footer" or "Additional text" fields.

screenshot from bexio of the invoice template ready to copy

screenshot from bexio of the invoice template with the positions ready to copy

Copy invoice

Select the "copy invoice" module in the menu of our and then click on the "create new copy" button to define the information for the invoice run.

gif create new mass invoice

Define and start invoice run 🚀
  1. bexio connection: Specify in which bexio account the invoices should be created.

  2. Document number: Enter the bexio invoice number of the invoice template that serves as the basis for the invoice run and select it from the suggested list.

  3. Select contacts: Now define for which contacts or contact categories the invoices should be created (e.g. active members)

  4. Invoice Date: Select the invoice date for bulk invoices.

⚠️ There is currently a limit of 2,000 invoices that can be created. Do you have more invoices to create? Contact our support.

By clicking on "Create" the process is started and the invoices are created. You can follow the progress in bexio under "Sales" - "Invoices".

gif from the app definition of the invoice run

Application examples

Our invoice copier is versatile and suitable for the following organizations and business areas:

  1. Clubs : Clubs with regular membership fees can use the invoice copier to efficiently create recurring member invoices.

  2. Foundations : Foundations that regularly send out fundraising requests could use the invoice copier to create and quickly customize templates for these fundraising invoices.

  3. Subscription Services : Companies that offer subscription services (e.g. services, magazines) could use the invoice copier to generate recurring invoices for their customers.

  4. Management companies : Property management companies or coworking spaces can use the bill copier to bill recurring rental or usage fees.

  5. Educational Institutions : Schools or training providers could use the invoice copier to invoice course fees or school fees on a regular basis.

  6. Gyms : Gyms can use the invoice copier to invoice membership fees monthly or annually.

  7. Service Providers : Companies that offer recurring services, such as maintenance contracts or IT support, could use the invoice copier to automate their service invoices.

  8. Organizers : Organizers of conferences or workshops could use the invoice copier to invoice participation fees.

The invoice copier is versatile and suitable for all organizations that have recurring invoice models and are looking for an efficient solution for invoice creation.


Used software: (bexio Addon) (Cloud-based accounting software)


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