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Import invoices - bexio Sales

Updated: Apr 26

With our "Import invoices" module on you can now easily import invoices into bexio via Excel, CSV and other table formats. This is particularly useful for companies or associations that do their invoicing in another software but want to import the invoices as a list via our app in order to keep the open item list in bexio, carry out bank reconciliation or manage accounting. The special thing about this module is that if a contact does not yet exist in bexio, we create the contact automatically, which further simplifies and automates the import process.

Register for free

If you don't have an account yet, register on with your email address and choose a password. You are now ready for the next step.

Connect your bexio account with

Connect your bexio account with us by connecting to an accounting department. You can connect as many bexio accounts as you like to .

gif how to link a bexio account with the
Link bexio account with

Create a table for invoices

Are you ready to import? Now create a table in the "Import invoices" module using the "New invoice import" button. Give the table a name and select the bexio account into which you want to import the invoices.

Copy invoices into the table
Contact assignment

The contact is preferably assigned using the bexio contact number. Otherwise, the contact can also be assigned using the contact information. To do this, use exactly the same information from "contact type" to "Email" as in the bexio contact management. If the contact does not yet exist in bexio, enter at least one value in the "contact type" and "Name_1" cells (specification below). The contact is then created in bexio. Check the lines randomly to ensure they are correct.

Import invoices with only one invoice position

Copy your invoices into the prepared table. Make sure that a new sales invoice is created in bexio for each line.

Example with only one invoice position

Import invoices with multiple positions

Copy your invoices into the prepared table. So that the app can recognize which invoice items are attached to a parent row, the cells from "contact no." to "date" must be left empty; the invoice items are then attached to the parent row.

Example with multiple invoice items

Specification and meaning of the columns:





bexio Contact no


Zeros before the ID do not need to be included


Contact type


1 = Company 2 = Person

YES, if Bexio contact ID not defined


above the fold GmbH

Is the company name (If “Contact Type” 1) otherwise the first name

YES, if Bexio contact ID not defined



Last name



Hochgrütstrasse 16


Postal Code








Invoice Date


Must be in an active accounting year


Position Description

Repairs of: - Door - Window

Can be multi-line. No formatting (bold/italic etc.) supported.


Individual price



Position Quantity





Must be an income account


Tax rate


May only have the following type: sales_tax not_taxable_turnover non_consideration_sales_tax opted_sales_tax Code UEX if no VAT obligation


Start importing 🚀

You start the import process by clicking the "start import" button. Each row in your table is imported into bexio as a separate sales invoice. If you want to start the import process later, you can leave the table at any time by clicking the "save" button.

⚠️ Important information / limits
  • Existing contacts will not be updated.

  • If the rows Contact Type, Name_1, Name_2, Address, PC, City and Email are identical, the contact will not be created twice in the same table.

  • A maximum of 200 invoices can be created per table.

  • Not subject to VAT? The "VAT Code" column is still a mandatory field. Use the VAT code "UEX" if you are not subject to VAT.

By following these steps, you can complete the invoice import process smoothly and make your accounting processes in bexio more efficient.


Used software: (bexio Addon) (Cloud-based accounting software)


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