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Experience bexio in expert mode

You are the professional and your SME is the next star in the sky of Swiss 🇨🇭 corporate culture. ⭐ We're celebrating! 🎉 Together we'll take off. 🚀 We have set ourselves the goal of minimizing bureaucracy and streamlining accounting processes. We are convinced that we can change society for the better with a higher proportion of self-employed people.

Would you like to concentrate on the essentials and outsource parts such as payroll accounting, taxes and digitization of documents to us? Do you need help with interfaces, integrating applications into bexio or automating administration processes? Do you need support when starting your own business?

We would be pleased to hear from you.

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Roman Brüngger

Trustee with federal professional certificate

bexio specialist, selected furnishing and gold partner


13 years of trust experience (2008 - 2022)

Focus on eCommerce and startup

1 year bexio employee (2020)

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News, inside information and tips from the trust world:


Reto Iseli
Owner has been very professional in supporting and advising me from the very first minute. Roman Brüngger has taken a huge burden off my shoulders by taking care of all the paperwork for me. He is always available and very straightforward. For me, the best companion as a small SME. I would recommend him 100%.


Denis Smrzlic
Owner MPS Mobile Testing Service

Strong in technology, weak in administration. With the setup, you have the office under control. Going to the mailbox used to be a pain. Now that Roman has my back, there are no more unpleasant surprises waiting for me.


How we get started together.


You are the professional. No one can fool you in your industry. Focus is the key to success and that's why you are the boss. Your dedication to the company will fill the order books.

Produkt Inventar
Image by Austin Distel

2. Trustee

We've got your back. "Don't mess with the accountant" We are the firewall for every financial spy and the lightning rod for all tax annoyances. For us, there is only the "big picture". The essentials, but at a premium.

3. Minimal and digital

It is only worth investing time in the absolutely essential areas of accounting. We know the shortcuts to keeping your business books lean.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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Chatting 📱

Communication is the most important thing. It must be uncomplicated and barrier-free. That's why you can reach us on all channels.


Tax deductions 🦊

Let's be honest. It all depends on the deductions. Now taxes are saved again.


AHV, BVG, KTG, I need CBD 🤯

Exploring the jungle is much more fun with a real ranger.


Debit and credit and so on 🤓

Up to 95% of all business transactions can be automated with modern accounting software and recorded without any knowledge of debits and credits. We'll tackle the rest together.


Off to the cloud with the receipts ☁️

Now it's time to scan! We enjoy the sound of the trash can rustling when a document disappears into the cloud instead of into the federal folder.


You can receive integration support for setting up interfaces for:

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Hölzliwisenstrasse 5
3rd floor [Business Pool]
8604 Volketswil

+41 79 508 30 31

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